Jacob Handwerker

Ashtanga Yoga Events with Jacob

I have been practicing since 2004.

Ram Jula Bridge, Rishikesh

The Yoga of Love & Freedom

Breitenbush Hot Springs

October 25-30, 2020

It’s time to wake up.

It’s time to wake up and live a more passionate, connected and abundant life. Would you like to enhance your capacity for aliveness, and experience more joy and contentment in your life and relationships? 

This workshop will help you discover more ease and flow.

We will draw on teachings from Yoga, Shamanism, and Non-Dual Tantra. There is no better place than Breitenbush to spend five days connecting to nature, consciousness and embodied-bliss.

We will explore Ashtanga Yoga, pranayama, meditation, chakra activation, Tantric Yoga, conscious touch and Shamanic Breathwork™.

Open to all levels and no partner needed. There will be no sexual activity or nudity in the group room.

Crystal Dawn is a Tantric Yogi who is passionate about the art of “making love with life.” She is dedicated to helping you awaken and experience your true nature. Her playful enthusiasm creates a space where magic unfolds.

Jacob is a dedicated Ashtanga Yogi, Vipassana meditator and AcroYogi who loves creating events to bring people together. His joyful spirit and light heart permeates all he does.

REG:  handwerkerevents@gmail.com

INFO:  www.jacobhandwerker.com

BEGINS: Sun dinner

ENDS: Fri lunch

COST: $575 ($495 if registered by 7/4) plus lodging

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging

Ashtanga Lanka

Mysore retreat in Sri Lanka

December 11, 2020 to March 2021

At Ashtanga Lanka you will find a nourishing, supportive, and friendly atmosphere.  Morning practice, daily meditation, and afternoon clinics help support you on the Yoga journey.  Connecting with Yogis from around the world, sharing meals, and exploring the beauty of Sri Lanka helps make Ashtanga Lanka feel like a home away from home.


Ashtanga Lanka offers a full time Mysore program in Sri Lanka each winter.  We are open from December to March and please check our website for exact dates.  Beginners are always welcome but we are not a drop-in center.  We ask for a one week minimum, and if you’re new to the Mysore style we recommend at least two weeks.  To learn more about Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style click here.    


We practice six mornings a week and rest on moon days.   We are excited to share the yoga journey with you and help you deepen your practice.



Questions and Registration:   yoga@ashtangalanka.com